Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 3

Starting Weight: 276.8
Today's Weight:  269.6

Woo, down over 7 pounds in 4 days!!  Crazy!!  And I know this is working as it is supposed to for this reason:  I have been eating 500 calories a day for three datys and I do NOT feel tired, fatigued, irritable, etc.  I feel really good.  With the exception of feeling a bit hungry here and there, I feel FANTASTIC!! 

So lesson of the day:  Do not get too cocky too soon.  The fact is, 7 pounds on a big girl is literally a drop in the bucket.  Since it is pure fat, I am feeling it already in my clothes.  What I shouldn't have done was try on my summer capri pants.  Oh, how absolutely depressing!!  Wow, this really drives it home that I need to stay on this and get this weight off pronto!!  Most of my pants don't meet by over 2".  Sad.  :(  So with that being said, let's see what tomorrow's loss is!!  It's like Christmas every day right now.  :)

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