Sunday, April 10, 2011


Starting Weight:  276.8
Today: 276

I don't have any clue how I lost on a Fat Load day.  I ate myself sick yesterday, so today I had to eat more.  I cannot even believe how much I ate.  Tall buttery stack of pancakes for breakfast.  Cheese quesadilla for a snack.  Big Mac, large fry, large mocha frappe for lunch.  I could not even finish my fries.  My best friend Annette is on track with me and we wanted to barf as we tried stuffing our faces with fries as we were rushing to make an afternoon movie.  She was practically force feeding me as we both laughed hysterically.  I finally opened the car window and "oops!!" dropped the last quarter of my fries out the window.  The gluttony continued this evening as we shared a small pizza with lots of fattening meat and ranch dressing.  The icing on the cake was a large bowl of rocky road ice cream.  Doesn't that sound disgusting?!!  Oh, my!!

So needless to say, we are ready to start our VLCD tomorrow.  We purchased our food, portioned it out, cooked it, bagged it up in portions, chopped veggies and bagged them up.  I'm ready!!  I'm nervous and scared that I am going to be hungry.  Looking at my food for the day is a little frightning.  I'm fairly certain that I eat way more than 500 in a meal, let alone a day!! I really dislike being hungry.  I get uncomfortable and anxiety ridden when I can't eat what I want when I want it.  I've been known to cry when I feel deprived.  This will, for sure, be interesting!!

As promised, here are the measurements.  I'm only doing a few.  It will be enough to see if I'm losing.  Honestly, it was really depressing to see that my stomach nearly took the entire measuring tape.  Wow!!  That was eye opening!!  I know I've weighed more.  I know my measurements have been bigger.  But those were times where there was no record.  I know I was well over 300 pounds.  I know my gut was much huger than it is now.I was in a bad space then and quite depressed.  In light of that, I have to just document these measurements and move on.  I'm excited for the big loss to begin!!

Neck:  16.5"
Bust:  56.5"
Bicept:  12"
Waist:  59.5"

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